Staines, Surrey Mistress Claudia


  1. Review 1

    There is very private, discreet car parking area at the back of Mistress Claudia’s house. Access is via the back gate. Mistress Claudia’s assistant came to let me in and showed me to the dungeon. She asked me to take a seat and wait for Mistress Claudia.


    I noticed the dungeon was dark, atmospheric and very well equipped. I looked forward to the arrival of Mistress Claudia. When Mistress Claudia came in, I was absolutely taken aback by Her stunning beauty. The photos I’d seen of her don’t do her justice. Mistress Claudia is tall, slim, pale skinned and incredibly beautiful, and I found myself instantly wanting to suffer for Her.


    We chatted about my BDSM related interests and my limits, and Mistress Claudia told me about her favourites as well, which I appreciated. I knew Mistress Claudia would push my limits, but I felt very safe with Her.


    After having a parachute attached to my balls, with weights attached, I was very firmly attached to the cross and whipped, gently at first, with gradually increasing intensity. Mistress Claudia rapidly propelled me into subspace, something which very few Mistresses seem to be able to achieve.


    After a whipping that I could still feel the effects of the next day, I was attached to the chair, and Mistress Claudia used Her electrics on me. This included a TENS unit and a violet wand. Mistress Claudia is superb at inflicting the most exquisite pain, but without causing harm.


    Mistress Claudia instructed me to lie face down on the floor, then She walked on my back in her high heels, inflicting pain without putting me at risk.


    I was then strapped to the bed, feet raised, and fucked with anal toys. Finally, I was butt plugged and brought to the most intense climax I’ve ever had.


    Mistress Claudia talked to me throughout the session, humiliating me and coercing me into wanting to suffer for Her obvious pleasure.


    Would I go back? Absolutely! I don’t think I want to session with anyone but Mistress Claudia from now on. Nobody else even comes close. I had a 2 hour drive home after the session, but the warm glow on my backside reminded me of the best session I’ve ever had.



  2. Review 2

    We met at Mistress Claudia’s secluded house near Staines. It has a well equipped dungeon and the place is easy to find. The house has a very discreet entrance. I always felt totally safe and at ease.


    Physical: Really pretty! Mistress Claudia is tall and slim with long dark auburn hair – my favourite! Miss Sasha is blonde and slim and pretty. They dressed as I had requested them to: conservative ‘ladylike’.


    Personality: very friendly, felt like I’d known them for a long time.


    Services: cock and ball torture on the St. Andrew’s Cross; erotic humiliation.


    No clock watching whatsoever!


    Me being new to this, Mistress Claudia kept telling me what was happening to me all the time and led me through the entire experience providing me with the right ‘mindset’.


    She seemed very experienced in judging my pain levels and sensitive to my needs.


    I think that they both enjoyed our meeting as much as I did!


    Mistress Claudia and her assistant Sasha are very attractive ladies and quite friendly, with a cruel streak as may be required.


    They put me at ease and provided me with professional attention and an erotic experience. They played my particular fantasy and gave me more excitement than I had ever expected!


    At the end of the session they ordered me to masturbate in front of them, which made me dizzy with excitement. I could get addicted to this!


    Before I left we had a friendly chat, which rounded off the whole experience with two ‘nice ladies with a sting’ on a pleasant note.


    All I can say is this: I can’t wait for my next visit!

  3. Review 3

    I started playing professional standard adult games in the summer of 1993. Over the years I found myself at the mercy of quite a number of ladies. Although the games often didn’t start in the bedroom, that’s where they generally ended up, and I soon realised that a bit of fantasy roleplay really added to the experience.

    One game format I remember very well started with me just in skimpy underwear, laying securely bound and gagged in an empty house. Except it wasn’t quite empty because there was a Busty Blonde on the prowl. And not only was she a well-built lady in a sexy basque seeking adult entertainment, she was also armed with an 18 inch piece of hosepipe.

    By now I’d be numb with fright. Laying helpless, with my wrists bound TIGHT behind my back, I knew that I was in REAL trouble. There was no escape from the Busty Blonde. When she found me, I was going to get beaten and raped.

    Happily taunting me, and despite my tightly bound ankles, she’d drag me to my feet. And if I tried to put up a struggle, she had ways of making me co-operate. Then, forcing me to hop painfully along, and laughing at my muffled protests, she’d march me to her bedchamber.

    My ordeal would begin with a thorough beating. She’d use her piece of hosepipe. And she’d use it HARD. Then, with me still tightly bound and gagged, she’d strip me of my underwear, mount me, and demand to be serviced to the limit of my ability…

    Obviously, as I got older and older and my joints got stiffer and stiffer, such antics went from impractical to physically impossible. But where there’s a will there’s a way. And a brisk ‘massage’ is an EXCELLENT way for a lady to impose her willl on a helpless man in bondage.

    Another pretty memorable series of games took place in a fully fitted dungeon, where among the many things I experienced was the difference betweeen being helpless and being restrained so forcibly that I could hardly move a muscle.

    In particular I remember the raw thrill of being absolutely pinned to a St. Andrew’s Cross. Gagged and blindfolded, all I could do was stand there. The door would open, I’d hear the click click of heels walking across the dungeon floor. Then I’d feel a riding crop being stroked gently up and down my back…..

    So by the time I reached 60 I was a pretty experienced adult game player. And throughout all these thrills (because what’s the point of playing with fire if there’s no risk of getting burnt?), I had the firm intention to stop when I reached 60.

    Of course, like most deadlines, that one slipped a bit. But by the age of 61 I really did think I’d played my final adult game. In case you think it was a bit mild due to my advancing years, a fantasy female who called herslf SuperBitch had me very tighly bound and gagged in her secluded bedchamber for a full two hours. And by the time she’d finally finished with me I’d been beaten and repeatedly milked to the point where I was barely conscious.


    A month or two after being used and abused by SuperBitch, and despite all the years of playing games, it occurred to me that there was a basic scenario that I hadn’t yet played.

    It was at this point that I first spoke with Mistress Claudia. I’d phoned the number for the lady who owned the dungeon mentioned earlier, but she had reitred and Mistress Claudia had taken over her premises.

    Mistress Claudia immediately impressed me with her intelligence. Also her enthusiasm, and it was clear that she was interested in bondage and roleplaying fantasy. She seemed to have a genuine desire to know what I wanted to experience. Even though I made it VERY clear that I was already well past the point at which I had intended to stop playing adult games and was only going to play a few more.

    Anyway, a little while after this conversation, I was to hear a female voice counting down from ten, and a snap of fingers. I then awoke from an enchanted sleep. To my dismay, I was standing tightly bound and gagged with my back to a wooden post. I was in the middle of a candle-lit cave. There was no escape. No-one knew I was there. Apart from two VERY wicked witches…..

    I could go on and on about how good the ‘Wicked Witch’ series of games were. I could compare and contrast the earlier games which I think of as the ‘Wicked Witch and the Sex Sorceress’ (Mistress Claudia accompanied by one of her friends) with the later ‘Three Wicked Witches’ games (with two of Her assistants). But instead I’ll just say that overall they are the best series of games I’ve ever played.

    Now I have a replacement hip it’s not even remotely sensible for me to go back into a dungeon (or Enchanted Cave as it was called during the ‘Wicked Witch’ games). But having my hip done gave me the idea for yet another series of games.

    Although they didn’t involve any physical punishment, in all other respects the games in the white room featuring the Naughty Nurses were just as good as the ‘Wicked Witch’ games. In some respects even better, and in every one of them the roleplay really was of the highest level.

    The fantasy would start with me somehow being tricked into taking a sedative of some sort. I’d awake to find myself absolutely pinned to an examination couch with a big, pink ball gag stuffed tightly in my mouth. And just a skimpy thong between me and the Naughty Nurses.

    And the Naughty Nurses in their Naughty Nurse uniforms were always very enthusiastic. And VERY demanding. And all I could do was lay there, listening to their teasing and taunting, while they forcibly milked me. Not just once but time after time after time…..

    So if the games were so good, why am I giving up? The fundamental fact is that I simply don’t like half-hearted games, and I’m just getting too long in the tooth for the kind of games I enjoy.

    I can best sum up how good Mistress Claudia and her assistants are by saying that, when I first spoke with the Mistress, I had the honest intention to play three more games, just so that I’d experienced standing upright, bound to a wooden post. And obviously gagged as well, because for me that’s a fundamental part of the experience.

    But instead of playing THREE games, I’ve played THIRTY games. And I think that says it all

  4. Review 4

    Mistress Claudia’s premises are in a lovely secluded area, easy to find with discreet offroad parking and a private entrance. i felt safe and secure.

    She looks lovely in the photos and what you see is what you get, but so much better in the flesh, dressed in thigh length boots.

    Mistress Claudia was friendly and instantly made me feel relaxed as it was the first time we had met.

    i asked for BDSM/domination, watersports and strapon and got the lot + more.

    Mistress spoke to me about the sort of things i was looking to do and the things i had tried, then suggested some things that i might like to try e.g. electrics, so as to tailor the session for me, then we entered the dungeon. Mistress showed me some of the instruments that she was going to use on me from a very impressive selection as well as some of the equipment like benches and hoists, then the (pain) fun started. She seemed to be expert in giving me the torment i wanted and sensed when i was close to my limit. I don’t really like going into detail but will say when it came to the point that she used the strapon on me it was the best experience that i have ever had – all in all the best time had.

    When the session was over we sat and spoke for hours. I was shown all the rooms and equipment and we spoke about life, etc.

    Claudia is a true Mistress and a beautiful lady. It made me feel really happy to have met her and I hope to see a lot more of her.

  5. Review 5

    My sessions with Mistress Claudia have all been based around a medical scenario.

    Having been sent to the “medical ward” for what should have been a basic examination and check up the initial caring nurse quickly became the “sister from hell” having securely tied me down before carrying out a range of perverted experiments to see how much torture and torment the human body could take.

    With my legs strapped down into stirrups in a spread eagle manner, Mistress Claudia stop between them announcing that my punishment was about to begin and no mercy would be granted until her experiments were fully conducted to her complete satisfaction.

    Having had pads stuck to my inner thighs and my cock and balls harnessed up to the electrics machine the experimentation began. Initially the level of electricity was barely perceptible on my legs but as the power was increased the pulsations became much stronger until my legs went into spasm. Then, the initial tingling in my cock and balls rapidly changed to surges of pain as my body danced and jerked to the sequence of powerful pulses ripping through me.

    Having had the initial phase of electrical punishment attention was then turned to my nipples neatly exposed between the ropes across my chest which were firmly holding me down to the medical bench. Initially, vibrating nipple clamps were attached and after warming the nerves they were removed only to be severely twisted by Mistress Claudia to demonstrate the level of pain she could impart with so little effort. This manually applied torment was then changed to strong nipple clamps which were suspended from a hook on the ceiling directly above my body. The tension was adjusted until my body was almost pulled off the bench to resist the pain as the clamps gripped tightly on these venerable areas of my body. As the electrics were reapplied the reactions to the pain resulted in further strain being exerted on the ever stretching nipples as my body jolted back onto the bench with every wave of power tearing at my genitals.

    Having endured this torment for some time the electrics were shut down and I thought the experimentation was over. How wrong could I be !!. Mistress next turned her perverse attention to anal stretching with ever increasing sizes of toys being inserted swiftly and deeply inside of me. As my stretching limit was reached to almost tearing point I was then double penetrated with a series of metal sounds sunk deep into my cock. The increasing size of metalwork was met with greater resistance and pain as the lubricated plugs were forced deep down the shaft of my aching and expanded penis.

    Throughout my “treatment” Mistress Claudia took great satisfaction to show her pleasure in my pain and punishment and described the macabre treatments which awaited me at this or other sessions. Her close up verbal communication, stares, actions and sinister attitude made for an experience always to be remembered.

    I have now had three wonderful sessions based on this scenario with each one being more intense as the level of pain is increased to the delight of such an amazing woman with a sadistic streak and full on approach to deliver my fantasy.

    I can only reiterate that Mistress Claudia’s beauty is far more than conveyed in her current photographs. Other reviews have noted the secluded entrance and parking to Mistresses’ premises. Likewise I can only confirm that “clock watching” is not on her agenda and there is always time to come down from the session with a chat and a drink before being returned to reality.

  6. Review 6

    A wonderful first session with Mistress Claudia – she really understands the sub’s mind and this sets her apart from the many dabblers.

    This is not the Lady’s home but a venue specially kitted out for D/s activities. I only saw the bathroom, a bedroom that was used as a waiting room and Mistress’s dungeon. I understand that there is also a school room and a white room and look forward to seeing (and trying) the white room on my next visit.

    The venue is slightly run down, but clean and safe.

    The entrance is discreet and off the main road. Security is good.

    Mistress was dressed in a long flowing robe that complemented her boots and her dark hair. A dark and rather gothic impression accentuated by her “pale and interesting” skin.

    Mistress is extremely talkative and outgoing – i was slightly bowled over by this after the session when we had a short chat and should have chatted further but i wanted some private time after the session to savour the experience and as we had over run was also keen to get home before the cold dark night really took hold. Next time i’d love to chat more and learn more about her.

    I had sent an email with my interests after confirming the booking and after a discussion during which it was clear she had looked at my email, and actually thought about what would work, opted to try the mummification with anal play and cbt.

    We discussed the white room but Mistress felt that the dungeon allowed her more flexibility for a first session where she was not sure of my limits, etc.

    I was impressed that Mistress takes hygiene and safety seriously – she carefully set up the head harness so that it was the right height before we started and also discussed the anal toys that she would use before we started.

    I had been caught in traffic and telephoned to say this and had arrived late. As a consequence Mistress had another client in the school room when i arrived and suggested that we start before she had finished with the other client and that she would add extra time once she had finished with the other. I agreed to this and the first part of the session was thus interrupted from time to time during which time i was left in bondage to “suffer”.

    I was hooded and cuffed before being placed in the head harness that was attached to the ceiling before being blindfolded and having a vibrating butt plug inserted in my arse.

    My ankles were then taped together and i was mummified with pallet wrap. Once the wrap reached my waist, my hands were uncuffed and taped to my side and the wrapping continued until i was encased feet to neck except for my cock and nipples which remained exposed at Mistress’s mercy.

    I was then left to contemplate my predicament. By now i had lost touch with time and Mistress returned from time to time to check on me and add to my predicament using her vibrating nipple clamps and attaching her tens unit to my cock as well as some hot wax play.

    The sensations took me to my limits and i must say that i have never been in a situation where i wanted both to stop the pain/sensation but at the same time to see what else i could take. I suspect that Mistress was being relatively gentle on me but the mental side of the submissive experience was enhanced by her commentary as to what was going on.

    The final part of the session involved Mistress and her assistant strapping me to her bondage bench winching my legs out of the way and some anal play as Mistress stretched my arse hole using a succession of different plugs and dildos.

    When Mistress decided to bring me to an orgasm as a reward for taking the plugs, I was powerless to resist.

    When the session came to an end I had lost track of time and saw that i had been there for nearly two hours.

    I quickly showered, said thank you and good byes before making my way home.

  7. Review 7

    The session with Mistress Claudia was at her Chertsey / Staines premises.

    The premises are very easy to find and have secluded parking and a discreet access. The location is very quiet and safe.

    Mistress Claudia is tall, slim and very attractive. Her best feature is probably her hair which is very long. As I had a medical based session Mistress Claudia was wearing a red and white nurse’s outfit with white stockings. Many of the current photographs on Mistress Claudia’s website do not show her to her full beauty.

    Mistress Claudia was very welcoming and easy to talk to. Before the session we discussed the scenario and my likes and dislikes. The session was everything and more than I had expected and Mistress Claudia had a “full on” approach taking full control.

    This session as with my other sessions to date with Mistress Claudia have been based around the medical scene where I have been subjected to a variety of medical experiments. Mistress Claudia turned from a very nice nurse into the “sister from hell” who took great pleasure in carrying out perverted medical experiments on me to find the limits of my pain levels. The session began with me being tied down very securely to the medical bench in the White Room with my legs strapped into the stirrups to keep them firmly spread apart. Mistress Claudia took great pride in standing between my legs and describing the type of torment and punishment I was about to receive as she stretched on a pair of latex gloves which snapped on her wrists as she firmly pulled them into position before my torment began.

    At first a pair of small electrical pads were fixed to the inner part of my thighs and my cock and balls were strapped into a black leather harness which was connected up to an electrics machine. As the electric power was increased the pads on my legs started to make me spasm whilst the electric shocks started to rip through my genitals with ever increasing pain. Next, my nipples were clamped and chained up to a hook above my body which pulled tighter as my body jerked from the painful shock treatment. After a while the clamps were removed and Mistress Claudia took great pleasure in twisting my sore nipples with her fingers to demonstrate how much pain she could apply with very little effort.

    As this punishment stopped I thought the experimentation was over………..How wrong could I be!!! Next I was subjected to a session of anal stretching with a number of “toys” of increasing size matched with an ever increasing level of penetration. I was then subjected to a set of sounds being pushed down the shaft of my cock. Each sound was of an increasing size to stretch me even further !!

    Mistress Claudia was fully engaged in the session and fully portrayed a sinister role with a good level of communication, amazing levels of domination and total control.

    Mistress Claudia is not a clock watcher. She completed the session way beyond the scheduled time to finish my punishment way she wanted to.

    After the session there was still time for a drink and chat before leaving.

    Mistress Claudia is therefore highly recommended and I am already looking towards my next session with this amazing lady.

  8. Review 8

    Very enjoyable experience.

    The premises were reasonably easy to find with discreet, off-road parking and very safe.

    Mistress Claudia was far better looking than she is in her pictures. She dressed as requested and looked stunning. Mistress was very friendly and outgoing. She was also very generous with her time, over-running the hour session by 20 minutes.

    i saw Mistress Claudia for a domination session and got exactly what i asked for. Mistress does not do personal services. i knew this and only wanted domination anyway. Mistress Claudia listened and discussed my needs through email and before the session began. i had warmed to Mistress Claudia as a person before we started. This to me was a great sign. Mistress gave me the domination experience that i had requested. The focus was very much on CBT and watersports. She also got the domiantion level right. i had requested that Mistress wear certain items of clothing that i had picked out of her gallery. She no longer had one or two items but went out of her way to find the closest match possible. i felt that Mistress was enjoying the session just as much as i was. After the session i used Mistress’s bathroom facilities for a shower prior to my journey home.

    Mistress was running slightly late but this was not a problem to me. Mistress did not clock watch and our session ran over by 20 minutes.

  9. Review 9

    A most fantastic and professional session. I can’t wait to get back there.

    Mistress Claudia’s bungalow is on the main road. I was given very detailed directions and I found the place very easily. The number was well signed and parking was very safe and easy at the rear. I used the rear gate so it was very discreet. The building was a little tired but well equipped.

    Ok, I have seen this on other reports but Mistress Claudia is much more attractive than her photos, a real stunner. I did not request her to be dressed in any special way, but she looked fantastic in a short, black PVC mini dress and matching thigh boots.

    Mistress Claudia has a great personality, you feel instantly relaxed as soon you start chatting. We discussed the type of domination I required. I don’t like to give a detailed plan of what I want as I want the Mistress to be in charge. Mistress Claudia fully understood this and provided an excellent service.

    I will try now to give an account of what happened without too much detail. I telephoned before I arrived to be told that Mistress was running late. I was asked to come 15 mins later which I did. I still had to wait which was ok: there were dvds to watch and material to read. The receptionist was very helpful.

    After discussing things with Mistress Claudia and sorting out the tribute, I stripped and was dressed in stockings, high heels, a basque and rubber skirt, my nipples clamped and balls weighted. I was then led into the room that I had waited in and strapped down on the whipping bench. Mistress then delighted in using different paddles, etc. on my arse. Extra ball weights were added and I was then led back to the main chamber. The weights and nipple clamps were ripped off and I was strapped tightly to her bondage bench, then electrics were applied to my genitals. Wow, I can’t believe the pain I was in and the setting was just over half power. I did scream and was totally unable to move due to the tight straps. I was pushed well beyond what I had expected with Mistress just laughing at my plight. In the end I screamed thesafeword, then there was the final act of having to be satisfied in a set time or I was told I would be left there all night. Finally when I was ready I was very quickly released. I noted then we had run well over time. I was offered a drink etc, and I spent a few minutes with Mistress while I dressed.

    All in all a great session.

  10. Review 10

    Spent an amazing session being double Dommed with Mistress Claudia and Mistress Kerry.

    An amazing fetish experience.

    Arranged meeting with Mistress Claudia – was easy to find with discreet off road parking.

    I love rubber and total enclosure – and they both dressed to impress with hoods as it made them look more severe and rubbery – fantastic. Mistress Claudia dressed in an amazing military style latex suit with hood – just as requested! And Mistress Kerry wore a mask and latex dress for me too!

    Both were Dom in session and afterwards relaxed and easy to talk to – both clearly into the bdsm / fetish scene. All services asked for were offered.

    Can never fit everything into the session – but had asked for:





    Sensory deprivation

    Breath control & poppers

    Cock and ball torture / nipple torture

    Electro-stimulation – anal electro plug

    Trained to give Mistress Kerry oral / rim her and to be her toilet whilst in mummification


    Had asked to go straight into the session without preamble chat, having corresponded by email first – for me it’s more fun to go straight in, rather than have a relaxed chat first.

    Without too much detail, the session was amazing. Spent far more than the allocated time and was under no pressure to be on my way afterwards. Was able to shower after the session, have a nice chat about the fetish world, clubbing, etc, return to normality and make my way home.

    Fingers crossed they both enjoyed the session too.

  11. Review 11

    This was the first time that I have ever visited a Mistress and I have to say that it won’t be the last time.

    I wasn’t sure what to expect, even though I informed Mistress Claudia what I liked. I was totally put at ease by the friendly and lovely receptionist.

    When Mistress walked into the room, I was absolutely gobsmacked with her beauty. She looked amazing.

    We had a friendly chat about what we had discussed via e-mail and to confirm that I was ok with her recommendations. I totally was ready for everything and anything.

    She led me into the medical room and the friendliness was left behind. She became very matter of fact. The room was clinically spotless and the attention to detail was excellent.

    I was amazed just how much pain I could take even though I did not use the safeword. Even though I suffered, she just knew where my delicate pain threshold was.

    After the unhurried session, I was left in no doubt in my mind that I would be Mistress Claudia’s slave forever.

    I so want more now that I know that I can put my life in my new Mistress’s very skilled hands.

    I so can’t wait to go back.

  12. Review 12

    Mistress Claudia not only has imagination, but she is also delightfully decadent! Worth a try!

    We met at her usual place in Staines. It is secluded, private and easy to find. Mistress Claudia was as attractive as ever. She dressed as requested: in a smart, conservative outfit.

    Mistress Claudia is friendly and intellligent, easy to talk to and a good conversationalist.

    The session was based on role play and humiliation. The meeting went exactly as we had discussed and agreed on during our e-mail exchange beforehand. Mistress Claudia gave great attention to detail, as always, and during our roleplay session was “word perfect”. She always remains in character but does not overdo it; this is quite important.

    My particular roleplay fantasy ended in punishment in the form of humiliation. Being restrained to a post and forced to masturbate. A CFMN fantasy, in other words. But the “kick”, which she provided in the form of an unexpected extra, was that Mistress Claudia had arranged for a lady friend of hers to ‘pop in’ to watch me naked and helpless and tied to the post and having to masturbate. This provided the extra ‘erotic’ component which sometimes can make all the difference, and which will certainly make me go back for more!

    So, as I say, Mistress Claudia not only has imagination, she is also delightfully decadent. Worth a try!

  13. Review 13

    Mistress Claudia’s premises were easy to find, with a private entrance and discreet parking area to rear. The bungalow was fairly unprepossessing on the outside, but the dungeon was beautifully furnished and equipped. I didn’t have time to visit most of the other rooms this time, though I did wait in a bedroom, which was clean and welcoming.

    Mistress Claudia is tall, slim with long dark hair, and every bit as beautiful as other reviewers have described.

    This was the first time I had met Mistress and she was really friendly and welcoming and achieved that rare balance of warmth and strictness.

    I had communicated with Mistress on a number of occasions before the session, giving her a detailed account of my past experience and the kind of activities which I like. She responded very positively to those emails, which helped set an erotic backgound to the session and certainly heightened my expectation. I don’t wish to give a blow by blow account of what happened, but suffice it to say that I received some expert and lengthy CP via strap and cane on the new whipping bench (I still have the marks a week later to prove it), and was made to endure torture of varying kinds when securely strapped to the bondage bench. I wimpishly cried out the safe word when electrics were applied to my genitals. At the end of the session, Mistress gave me the most exquisite reward, which I am not sure I deserved.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Mistress Claudia and cannot wait to visit her again, though living as I do a long way away will necessarily mean patience and frustration.

    Before and after the session I was offered and accepted a shower. My only regret was not being able to stay longer. There was no sense of hurrying throughout, and I realised as I left that I had stayed rather longer than my allotted hour.

    Mistress gave every indication of enjoying the date too, which helped me relax – something which I normally find difficult on the first occasion I meet a new Mistress.

    It was also very pleasing to find a Mistress who is clearly intelligent and sophisticated, so that conversation was always easy and I felt that a close rapport built up quite quickly.

    Next time, I am considering requesting an enema treatment before the dungeon visit, so that I can sample her white room and experience the delights of her apparently sadistic nursing capablities.

  14. Review 14

    The session took place in Chertsey. Very easy to find and discreet off road parking.

    The entrance is secluded and out of view of any public or passing cars etc.

    Mistress Claudia is tall, slim, attractive with very long hair. For this session Mistress Claudia was dressed in a military style nurses uniform and long black boots.

    Mistress Claudia is extremely welcoming and friendly. Once into the session she takes on a very strong character and engages fully into the role; in this instance the “nurse from hell”. Her voice, manner and eye contact put her in total control.

    The session was held in the White Room and based on a prisoner being experimented on with numerous toys and implements of torture.

    The session was fully in keeping with, and beyond my expectations.

    Mistress Claudia has just added a brand new chair into her White Room and tried out a new range of instuments of torture on me, namely nipple forceps, a vibrating sound and an electic sound.

    The session involved nipple torture, cock and ball torture via electrics and sounds as well as anal play.

    Having had several White Room sessions with Mistress Claudia the punishment levels continued to increase as I was strapped into the brand new padded chair. The new vibrating sound and electric sound added a further dimension of torment and pain as my cock was strecthed and jolted with pulses of electricity from both inside and out.

    Having riddled my lower body with the pain from all the electric implements and anal probing, my nipples were subject to severe punishment from the new steel forceps which Mistress Claudia appplied with significant pressure until the pain was unbearable.

    This was another full on session with a definite return visit planned to an amazing Mistress.

  15. Review 15

    I am good at putting things off, never seems to be the right time. I have always been interested in bondage and domination, as long as I can remember. So you see the pictures, watch the videos, read the books and think about taking part. Would you like it, is it better left as a fantasy ? Why would pain be enjoyable and how painful would it be?

    So you find a mistress – one who seems to be the sort of person to share pleasure and pain with. When I watch videos, the interesting ones are the ones where there is a rapport, a relationship, a deep understanding, between the mistress and the victim. Action by itself is of little interest.

    So eventually I got round to it. I was sure Mistress Claudia was right for me. The hair, the eyes, irresistible ! I emailed a short note. The moment you press the “send” button and your heart jumps as you realise what you’ve done. I got a reply, suggesting I phone and arrange a visit.

    I phoned – nervous, from toes to stomach to brain, made an appointment. Now I was committed, having put it off for years ! A day to wait. A day to be nervous, perhaps fearful is a better word! What to expect ? Would I like it? I am not used to taking my clothes off for someone I’ve only known few minutes.

    Time to go – get there, follow the instructions, ring the bell.

    Welcomed in, in a friendly relaxed way, shown into the bedroom to wait a few minutes. Feeling more relaxed and resigned to my fate. I thought I would like it, and I knew I was right to try at last. Mistress Claudia came in and greeted me very warmly. She spoke to me about my interests and what we might do today. We’ve all seen the pictures, we know she is beautiful, but the pictures do not convey her wonderful enthusiasm and energy for giving us the pleasure and pain we deserve!

    So we went into the dungeon and what happened ?

    My first time, and Mistress Claudia is so good at what she does, I felt at ease straight away – and then to be totally helpless and vulnerable with someone you have only known for a few minutes and feel safe and cared for as well as excited and challenged – she is great ! – and her touch, and the smell and feel of her hair – her eyes and her talk – wonderful !

    My bottom is red from where she introduced it to some of the tools of her trade. Fixed tightly to the cross, the tighter the better, and Mistress Claudia worked through an assortment of floggers and paddles on my back and bottom. I had never done this before, and I didn’t know if I could take it, or if I would like it, but with her encouragement and threats and teasing it was fantastic… ( I have no idea why ! ) and when she got to stroke number 10 on the last couple of implements – the tawse and I can’t remember what – my limits were quickly coming into sight ! But it was a great experience and I have big red marks to prove it – thank you Mistress Claudia.

    The fire and ice was intriguing, feeling the drops, relaxing as it takes your mind away, be interesting to do it more intensely – I’ll be back – soon !

    Then lying on Mistress’s bench – treatment for my nipples, introducing my bottom to more new things, punished and rewarded.

    Being older and not totally well, so all your bits don’t work as well as you would like, is something to get used to, because inside, looking out you feel the same as you did when you were 17 or 25 or whatever .

    Afterwards I felt so calm and relaxed, it was lovely. At all times Mistress Claudia treated all my hopes and wishes and concerns thoughtfully and seriously, and I believe mischievously enjoyed inflicting the pleasure and pain I had dreamed of. I really believe we both enjoyed the session.

    And my red bottom remembers Mistress Claudia with a little flinch, but can’t wait to go and visit her again.

    However – Mistress Claudia now tells me that she was relatively gentle with me this time, so maybe I’ve got it all wrong, and it’s the next session I should be seriously nervous about!

    I will let you know – anyway what is your excuse for reading this but not giving it a try? Mistress Claudia is waiting for your call ! I’ll be back soon for sure.

  16. Review 16

    Another amazing White Room Session.

    Mistress Claudia was wearing a red PVC nurse’s uniform and long black boots. She is tall, elegant and very attractive. She is also extremely welcoming and has a wonderful personality.

    The session was in the White Room and based on medical experimentation and torture.

    Having arrived slightly early I was ordered to wait in the White Room and be dressed in just a medical gown to await my medical appointment to begin.

    Whilst waiting I sat in the new medical chair and thumbed through some magazines. On arrival Mistress Claudia instructed me to strip completely and sit back in the chair whilst I was securely tied down and strapped into the stirrups. The new chair is now fully operational and it was adjusted to give Mistress Claudia the exact position she wanted me in to commence her wicked experimentation.

    I was subjected to more electic shock treatment on my cock and legs before having ever increasing sounds slid down the shaft of my cock. Having been stretched to tearing point the basic sounds were replaced by an electric one and I was submitted to a variety of pulses and increasing levels of electricity from both inside and outside of my cock.

    My nipples having been previously sensitised were then subjected to torture by forceps and Mistress Claudia’s fingers which twisted and stretched me to her evil enjoyment.

    My arse was then subject to several rounds of stretching and penetration by ever increasing sized toys whilst my cock was still subject to electric jolts from the wicked pulsing machine.

    Having been double penetrated I thought the session was over, only to be subjected to a range of needles pierced through my cock and balls to the delight of Mistress Claudia making patterns which pleased her both from a visual point as well as enjoying my painful punishment with every insertion of the needles into my aching cock and ball sack.

    Mistress Claudia takes full control and has such a sadistic streak!!! Yet another amazing session.

  17. Review 17

    Time for another visit to Mistress Claudia.

    The area is quiet, the parking off street and discreet. The welcome is warm and friendly. I have not e mailed in advance. It is very easy to talk to Mistress Claudia, and she listens carefully to my likes and dislikes and suggests some new things to try in her dungeon. She thinks electrics and sounds would be a good idea, and a vibrating sound – I am not sure, a bit scary, but I trust her.

    She decides to start with CP – there’s no surprise ! She straps me to her bench, face down, bottom up. I can move my fingers and toes but nothing else. She starts with lesser things and moves up through floggers and paddles and I count the strokes, … one gets up to fifty and she tells me my bottom is glowing nicely, then we get to the cane, and she tells me I need 10, that sounds challenging, then she adds “that is 10 each side” . So I suffer that for her, wonderful. I still don’t know why, but to be totally in her power, to be strapped down tightly and experience CP is exciting and totally engrossing. I am sure Mistress Claudia enjoys it too, she does it with such expertise and artistry. A few surprises were included as well.

    Then I was moved to the bench on my back, again strapped down tightly. Time for some electrics on my cock. A variety of sensations that cannot be described hit me, and I wriggled as much as I could, which was very little, and made some noise. But this was not enough so Mistress Claudia started to experiment to see how easily and how large sounds would go inside my cock. By then my brain was scrambled, and it was all fantastic. More things followed and the session was really good.

    Mistress Claudia is beautiful, she gives you her whole attention, and devotes all her great expertise to your pleasure and pain. She listens to what you want and takes notice of what you don’t want, and pushes your limits and takes your journey a little further each time.

    She has the control, you have the pleasure and pain, and she is wonderful at everything she does.

    She would love to see you too, so send her an email, or give her a ring.

  18. Review 18

    I have viewed Mistress Claudia’s website for some time . From the first visit to her site I knew I would visit her eventually. I only get to visit a Mistress once or twice a year so it is important that I picked the right one. I was not disappointed.

    Mistress’s premises are exactly as described, nice and discreet, with good discreet parking. I arrived feeling very nervous wearing my cb3000 chastity device. I was seen into the property by Mistress’s assistant and shown to a waiting room. All the time my heart was pounding full of excitement about the next two hours. Mistress took me into the dungeon and we had a relaxed discussion about my interests. At this point I so desperately wanted to ask to be taken anally but was not brave enough. I simply said I wanted to but didn’t feel ready for it, so maybe another day. I was told to strip and wait for Mistress’s return .

    Immediately on her return I fell under her spell. I was fitted with ball weights and nipple clamps then firmly secured to the cross, face against the wall, nipples in clamps being pushed into my body. Mistress then proceded to warm up my backside with an assortment of implements culminating with the cane. During my beating Mistress was talking to me, reminding me of my position and her power to do as she wished. The beating stopped at just the right time, somehow Mistress just knew perfectly how to push my limits without going too far. I was released from the wall cross and informed I was to be put into pallet wrap mummification (if you have never tried it I strongly recommend it ). During the following hour or so I was treated to some sublime cock torture . An electric cock sheath was fitted and I was subjected to the best electric treatment I’ve ever experienced. Unable to move an inch, securely wrapped from head to toe with my head held in place by a head harness I was shocked until my knees started to buckle. Mistress then fitted a unique and very scary spiked cock sheath (I highly recommend it ). After about an hour or so I was moved (still in pallet wrap) to the bench and firmly secured.

    By this time I was firmly in subspace (a place so few Mistresses have ever taken me to). I asked to be taken by Mistress’s strap on. My virginity was about to be taken. This was my best experience with a Mistress and I will definitely visit again.

    Mistress Claudia is an expert in what she does. In the last 20 years I have visited about 20 or so Mistresses. None has given me what I experienced with Mistress Claudia.

  19. Review 19

    This was my first meeting with Mistress Claudia, although the latest participation over many years of enjoying bdsm activities. I am not into serious discipline, but seek the more erotic aspects and wider pleasures of the scene. Two hours and more in the company of this lovely educated lady was a delight. However do not be seduced by the friendly nature, as correction, domination, and pain are with you in a flash.

    My nipples became the first point of attention, with some painful exploration of sensitivity, sharp nails, and chained clamps which made sure of continued concentration. I was offered the choice of restraints, on the cross, over the bench, or secured to cuffs from the ceiling with ankle spreader bar, the latter being the preferred option. A parachute with some nasty little pins were attached around my balls, suitably weighted, with some moderately sized lead. The threatened half brick never materialised. Rubber floggers and leather paddles rapidly raised the temperature, to improve response to some highly focussed use of a pair of pinwheels, with Mistress whispering darkly what could be in store, before my clamps were summarily removed by a wicked slash of the flogger.

    A transfer was made to the bondage bed, broad strong leather straps ensuring minimal movement, and a new set of whispered threats setting the scene, for lengthy and focussed attention to my anus, cock, balls and nipples. Pegs made certain that soreness and sensitivity remained. Use of poppers, and then a rebreather bag with added nitrous oxide ensured that the next hour passed by in a haze of pain and total domination. Hot wax and ice enlivened proceedings, before the electro stimulation began in earnest. A gradually ascending series of sounds deep down inside my shaft, stretching and probing, preceded an electro version of the same, with a wide variety of settings and some serious pain to remember. Vibrating dildoes were worked deep into my arse in increasing size, stretching, probing, and relaxing, to make way for the evil electroprobe that was soon to do its work, spiking, scratching, and pulsing. Mistress finally brought these activities together, with electric pulses dancing away deep inside both my cock and arse simultaneously, with frequently required visits to the rebreather bag. A natural explosion of delight was soon to follow.

    Painful and erotic most certainly yes, and a highly accomplished practitioner to go with it. A lovely lady. Always a smile on the face, but a hugely wicked gleam to go with it. A very satisfying visit which I would like to repeat.

  20. Review 20

    Having had several White Room sessions I decided it was now time to experience a dungeon session with Mistress Claudia.

    I arrived early and whilst waiting in an adjacent room I could hear the regular strokes of a dragon cane on a poor victim undergoing some severe CP. The sound of his pain made my apprehension even greater as I awaited to be summoned into the unknown territory of Mistress Claudia’s dungeon. Soon after the sound of several more strokes of the cane, the sound of the cane meeting flesh and the whimpering of pain finally stopped. All went quiet as the other session was over and after a brief period I was greeted by the Mistress and instructed to enter the dungeon, strip naked and be kneeling down with head bowed to await her return.

    After a few minutes my heart started to pound as the sound of footsteps approached the dungeon door and she entered the room. With my head bowed I could only see two large black boots with shiny metal buckles standing in front of me…… time had come!! I was instructed to raise my head to see Mistress Claudia towering above me in those long black boots and wearing a striking black halter neck patent outfit with white piping and belt buckles. Mistress Claudia looked so tall and elegant but her body language clearly implied that what was to come was about to be my darkest hour.

    I was instructed to stand up and position myself on the punishment bench. My legs were pulled apart and strapped into an ankle spreader bar and then fixed to the bottom of the bench frame. My body was then securely strapped down with several straps and my hands tied back to the top of the frame with thick wrist straps. As all the straps were finally tightened I became totally immobile and I was told my torment was about to begin.

    Mistress first turned her attention to my exposed nipples by squeezing and twisting them with her fingers before clamping them into metal grips which were connected to a chain and pulley wheel system above my head. The warming sensation in my nipples from the initial squeezing soon turned to pain as the chain was tightened with the slow turning of the pulley wheel and the increase in tension pulled at my body. Mistress then tied up my cock and balls and attached an electric shock machine around the shaft of my aroused cock. Her commanding voice outlined the types of pain about to be inflicted as the style of the pulses changed and the intensity increased as she adjusted the settings with a sinister tone of pleasure in her voice. The shocks of electricity surged into my cock and ripped through my helpless body and the pain increased to the point that I had to cry out for mercy and beg her to stop. With a single push of a button the pain stopped and my body stopped flinching. Having had the outside of my cock subjected to this torture an electrified rod was then slid down the shaft of my cock and the treatment repeated to her ever increasing pleasure. Further begging for mercy finally brought this round of pain to an end.

    “You think the session is over, don’t you?” she snapped in my ear. But before I could answer I was told that the remaining punishment was to suffer some anal abuse. Having been released from the main bench I was then forced to kneel over a lower black bench and have my legs fixed down with several thick leather straps. My torso was also then secured down so the lower half of my body was locked down and immobilised. I could hear Mistress unhooking something from the wall display behind me and the further tightening of straps. The sound of footsteps then came slowly round my body and into view came Mistress Claudia wearing a large purple strap-on. “Your arse is about to become mine for the taking” she said in her sinister style…..”so brace yourself!!”. The strap-on cock was then swiftly inserted into my exposed rear and pushed deeper inside me with ever stronger thrusting. Mistress Claudia’s laughter increased as she continued to punish my anal passage with regular and deliberate strokes. After what seemed an age of torment the strap-on was withdrawn and my body began to relax. “Don’t think your session is over yet” she said and she then appeared around by my head with an even bigger black strap-on. “Now you have been stretched open wide enough to take something larger, this monster strap-on will finish you off ” she said as she adjusted a tall mirror so I could now see behind me for the final part of the session.

    Mistress Claudia took up her position behind me, grabbed the tops of my legs and thrust the huge black strap-on into my aching anus. The punishment continued with ever more forceful strokes. Finally, my body could take no more as I broke down under the pain of being stretched beyond my limits. Mistress Claudia had broken me and I could see she was clearly delighted by her triumph over her latest dungeon victim.

    Absolutely no clock watching and genuine enjoyment from such an amazing lady !!

  21. Review 21

    I am a mature player receiving strict cp. On the day agreed I easily found the address which is very discreet with a parking area at the back out of view. The address is a bungalow, a little run down on the outside, but very private. I was shown into a bedroom to wait for Miss Claudia, who entered and took me into her very well equipped chamber for our initial chat. I found her attractive and very friendly which put me at ease immediately. We had a relaxed discussion on what I had asked for together with my limits which were fully respected throughout. The session started by being ordered to strip and lie on the bench on my side for a good enema which Mistress Claudia administered firmly and efficiently before leading me to the bathroom. Mistress Claudia clearly takes hygiene and cleanliness seriously which I regard as important and was pleased about.

    I was then taken back to the chamber and ordered to kneel over her cp bench with Mistress Claudia taking care I was comfortable and strapped firmly down. CP started with a warm up and hand slapping on my bottom which soon started to sting well. This was followed in succession with floggers and a paddling. Then came the main punishment with the cane which she made to sting really well causing me to wriggle involuntarily. She used some nice whippy thin canes which can have a fierce stinging bite. She made the punishment even more effective by showing her pleasure using the cane to sting properly and making comments in a dominant manner. This included telling me she wanted to see evidence of the strokes being really painful. Failure on my part to respond to her resulted in harder strokes. I was let off lightly this first time and told when I see her next the caning will be harder and I will get 48 strokes. All too soon the session was over and after shaking hands I left. Mistress Claudia is a true professional who shows she likes her work which to me makes the experience all the more pleasurable. I found she listened carefully to what I needed, inspired confidence and fully respected my limits. In fact I found her attractive and very easy to talk to. Overall it was an excellent experience and I will have no hesitation in seeing her again for an even more exciting and satisfying session.

  22. Review 22

    Review 22

    Mistress Claudia is tall, slim and elegant. She has a wide range of outfits and as this was a White Room session she wore a pale blue nurse’s outfit and black leggings – stunning !

    Mistress Claudia is very friendly and welcoming. During the session her communication is great as she fully engages in the part.

    This was a White Room session with the “nurse from hell”. Mistress Claudia has an amazing array of medical instruments and toys to provide a very comprehensive, invasive and at times painful medical experience.

    Having had several medical sessions with Mistress Claudia I knew that I would be tied down securely to her amazing motorised medical chair to allow for experimentation to take place. This time however I was further secured by a leather neck strap which made movement of my head almost impossible without strangling myself – I knew the torture I was about to experience was going to be even more extreme than before!

    First my nipples were clamped and tied up to a hook on the ceiling. The tension was increased to make for a continuous wave of pain as they were crushed and stretched.

    Next an inflatable butt plug was inserted and inflated to a size that opened me wider than ever before. Having left the butt plug inside me I was subject to a set of sounds driven down the shaft of my cock; each one being larger and taking me to tearing point.

    A number of other experiments and elements of torment were tested on my defenseless body as Mistress Claudia took great delight in seeing me suffer to her skill and sinister pleasure. Further inflation of the butt plug and a range of electric shock treatment increased the levels of torture and pain as the session progressed.

    Having undergone a long session of nipple torture as the clamps were released the pain intensified as the blood ran back into the flesh. The sensitivity increased such that the lightest touch was very painful and as a final punishment both nipples were pierced by needles – I now know why my head was firmly fixed down as my body danced with pain from this final sinister gesture!!

  23. Review 23

    Another great session with Mistress Claudia

    The session was at Chertsey. Parking is off road and discreet. The entrance is out of view of the public and very safe.

    Mistress Claudia is tall, slim and very attractive. Her latest photos are very accurate as is her profile on her website. For this session she was dressed in a military style medical uniform with long black boots – stunning!!.

    Mistress Claudia is very friendly and welcoming. Before and after the session she has great communication skills.

    The session I had was a White Room session based on torture and torment from the “bitch Doctor from hell”. Having been strapped down into the new white room chair the experimentation, torment and torture began. After my balls had been clamped by several pegs my cock was subjected to a variety of electric shocks which sent pulses of pain into my tender genitals. Having been attacked on the outside, a series of sounds increasing in size were slid down the shaft of my cock until I was stretched to the limit.

    Mistress Claudia’s attention was then directed to my nipples which were twisted, squeezed and then clamped to my limits of endurance.

    A catheter was then slid inside my cock to drain my bladder and whilst waiting for the required volume to be delivered Mistress Claudia sat close to my face whilst smoking a cigarette. She took great pride in blowing smoke in my face and dropping hot ash on my chest whilst waiting for the minimum quantity. As I was unable to produce the required specimen my punishment was increased to having needles stuck into my nipples as Mistress Claudia forced my body to breaking point !!!!.

    An amazing session with a Mistress who seems to know no boundaries of punishment.

  24. Review 24

    A White Room experience not to be missed

    Mistress Claudia is tall, elegant and very attractive. As this was a White Room session she was wearing a medical outfit and white boots over black leggings

    Mistress Claudia is friendly, welcoming and once into the session takes complete control of your mind and body.

    This was a medical session with a range of torment, torture and experimentation. Having had a number of these sessions they continue to be more intense as my body is exploited and taken to breaking point. Having been tied securely into the motorised medical chair I was blindfolded so I was unable to see the final position I was in. You hear the sound of the chair moving but cannot sense where your body is is being taken to. On removal of the blindfold my legs were high and my head low down and in line with a range of medical equipment I could see was designed to deliver a wide range of pain and punishment.

    Having had my legs spread wide apart a vibrating dildo was swiftly inserted deep into my exposed arse. With the vibrations set to maximum my legs were strapped tightly together to ensure the the vibrator was securely wedged in place.

    Her attention then turned to my nipples which were squeezed, twisted and clamped to a state that made my body flinch with the slightest touch as their sensitivity was taken to an extreme limit.

    A series of sounds was then used to stretch the inside shaft of my defenceless cock to its limit as Mistress Claudia took great pleasure forcing the sounds deeper and deeper with forceful but skilfully applied strokes. I was then finally double penetrated with an electric dildo and and an electric sound until my body danced in agony and was broken to the satisfaction of this cruel and dominating mistress !!

    As usual there is no clock watching and ample time to recover before rejoining the outside world after yet another full on session.

  25. Review 25

    Mistress Claudia was wearing a military style medical outfit. She is tall, attractive, elegant and has amazingly long hair. She is well educated, very good at communication both in and out of the session.

    Mistress Claudia has a wonderful personality, is very welcoming and takes full control in the session.

    This was another medical session in the White Room. Having had several similar sessions they continue to get better as Mistress Claudia works her sinister side on ever more expanding levels of torment and torture to my poor body.

    This was another session with the “Nurse from Hell” who takes great pleasure finding the limits of pain and punishment a body can take as part of her wicked white room experimentation.

    Having been tied down to the gynae chair, my body was exposed and helpless as I awaited the medical experimentation to begin. With my legs spread wide apart the most sensitive areas of my body were positioned to receive various “treatments” with a variety of medical instruments and toys. The session included electrics to my cock and balls, sounds that stretched me to the limit, anal probing and severe nipple torture.

    Mistress Claudia continues to excel in pushing the boundaries of pain onto a helpless victim tied down to receive a range of punishments.

    Another full on session by a highly skilled and fully engaged lady.

    Absolutely no clock watching and the session ended when Mistress Claudia had completed my treatment to her full satisfaction and perverted pleasure.

  26. Review 26


    I dreamed I drove my car to Staines Vis Ascot and the country lanes And there I met a lass I know Who has a special bungalow.

    I did not know she’d cast a spell Under which this poor mug fell. As we talked of recent news I found I’d lost my shirt and trews.

    And as I melted neath her charms Somehow I was bound, both legs and arms, And now this adorable laughing wench Had me defenceless on her whipping bench.

    She said that now I was about to enjoy The delights of weapons she would employ, That I must lie still and learn to wallow In the proceedings about to follow.

    She saw that I was about to speak And gave my nipples an alarming tweak, She warned that though gentle she’d be when starting It would not be long before I’d be smarting.

    She started spanking, just barehanded, And how she thrilled me as it landed And soon she got into her stride With different weapons, on my hide.

    Facing front I could not see What whipping tool was hitting me, But when she saw I could take no more She would pause – and massage – oh! blissful paw.

    Then fiercer blows would start to bite, On buttock left then on the right And all the time excitement rose To reach my head, up from my toes, Until once more that soothing palm Would bring again that massage balm.

    I’m sure she knew as the cane fell How close I came to give a yell, But don’t suppose she ever will Know how much I admire her boundless skill. In making me accept that little more Than I considered I could endure, And how I love the endless ease That never stopped that laughing Tease.

    Some day I must write and send my thanks To she who charms and also spanks.

  27. Review 27

    Mistress Claudia’s bungalow in Chertsey is easy to find with off road secluded parking.

    It is a very safe area and the entrance is out of view from the public.

    The dungeon is very well equipped with every conceivable implement needed.

    Mistress Claudia is tall, slim and attractive. She has long beautifully kept hair. She was wearing a black leather corset, black mini skirt, black leggings and long black boots……..stunning !! She is very friendly, outgoing, well educated and articulate. Her communication is great before, during and after the session.

    I have had white room sessions before with Mistress Claudia, but this was a dungeon session based around torment and torture.

    Having been securely tied to the St Andrew’s Cross the torment and torture began. Weights were attached to my balls and gradually increased to stretch me to the limit. Attention then turned onto my nipples which were squeezed, twisted and crushed with increasing intensity. My cock, having been wired up to an electrics machine, was then subjected to a range of powerful shocks which made my body contort in pain as the voltage ripped through me. My screams went unheard from the soundproofed room as Mistress Claudia punished my body to the limit.

    I was then released from the cross and moved over to the bench where every limb was strapped down so any movement was impossible. A series of sounds were then forced down my cock shaft and again my nipples tortured until I begged for mercy.

    Finally Mistress Claudia took great delight in driving a large strapon into my arse and pounding me until my weakened body was broken.

    A full on session by an amazing Mistress !!

  28. Review 28

    I have visited Mistress Claudia’s chambers a number of times and each visit is better than the last. The chambers are located in a secluded bungalow between Staines and Chertsey. There is parking at the rear and access via the back gate. As usual I was shown to a waiting area by Mistress’s maid. Soon I heard the sound of Mistress Claudia’s booted footsteps approach. The door opened and she entered. She looked terrific in black thigh boots, black leggings and corset. As always Mistress is very friendly and after a pleasant chat we went into the dungeon.

    The dungeon is extremely well equipped, with new items being added all the time.

    My session was TV Torture. After being dressed in stockings, suspender belt, basque, high heeled thighboots and gloves I was paraded in front of a mirror. A stocking mask and wig completed my outfit. A parachute with pins inside was attached to my testicles and weights put on. Mistress yanked the weights and squeezed my balls, telling me clearly and concisely what she had in store for me. I was then very tightly strapped to the whipping bench, totally immobilised. An electric butt plug was inserted into my anus and the power switched on. Mistress then administered poppers (my medicine) to get me nice and receptive. She then proceeded to adminster CP to my buttocks. Starting with a gentle hand spanking, moving up through a strap, bat, tawse, cane and finally her new butterfly crop. Mistress encouraged me to take more strokes, more pain, for her. I was happy to oblige. I wanted her to mark me, hurt me, take me over my limit. She regularly gave me my medicine to help ease the pain and allow me to take more. I was then unstrapped and stood whilst Mistress face slapped me and then cuffed my arms behind me and caned my cock 12 times. I had to count and thank Mistress for each stroke. I lost count twice so the caning had to start from the beginning both times.

    I was then tied to the rack with my legs spread wide in the air and my arms stretched tightly behind me. Mistress attached electrics to my cock and balls and demonstrated all the different levels, leaving it switched on to the highest level. Every flinch and yelp from me was greeted with a delighted laugh. My cock was then covered in hot wax and flogged with stinging nettles. A surgical mask was put on my face and I received continual doses of poppers. Mistress then put on her strap-on, climbed onto the bench and proceeded to fuck me mercilessly. Whilst doing this she administered a severe cock whipping. I was in slave heaven, tortured, marked and providing pleasure for my Mistress.

    After the session we had a cup of tea and another chat. No clock watching and a lovely lady.

  29. Review 29

    Report on session with Mistress Claudia, Saturday 15th September, time 17.30.

    The maid provided good directions.

    Bungalow outside Staines, easy to find, discreet parking. House a little tired decor-wise but otherwise clean and tidy.

    Was shown into a bedroom, normally used for dressing up. Mistress Claudia was running a bit late; Saturday apparently is the busy day. Settled down to wait with some porn magazines and a porn DVD playing in the background.

    Met by Mistress Claudia, attractive lady, looks like she does on her website, very thin, nice bust, she was dressed in tight black leggings and a sort of black hotpants number, high heels, and a lacy sheer top that you could see a pretty bra through, all in all had my mind racing!

    I had proposed a bit of roleplay: I had been caught viewing some dodgy porn on my pc, Mistress Claudia was going to show me the error of my ways by making me feel what it was like to be a woman being abused. She also knew I was an anal virgin, so took great delight in telling me that at some time I was going to get both DP’d and fucked hard up my arse with her strap on.

    She dressed me up in a corset, stockings, wig and crotchless knickers, brushed my hair, put a collar and lead on me, then led me into the dungeon.

    A ribbon was tied around my balls and the base of my cock to stop me coming too soon, Mistress Claudia informed me. I think she took exception to the drop of pre-cum that was oozing out of my excited cock! ( I was informed that if any of my oozing hit the floor then I would be licking it clean.) A spiked leather parachute was then tied round my balls and weights were gradually added.

    Having been bent over the punishment bench, Mistress then proceeded to spank me with her hand and then a variety of floggers. During this beating she decided to gag me with an inflatable gag to keep me quiet. It would have been nice if she could have inflated it a bit more, but I think she was giving me an easy time. The spanking was good, and if it had not been for the issue of marking I thinking could have been harder (might take that risk next time). Mistress had also, during the time I was bent over the bench, tested my arsehole a couple of times to see how many fingers she could push inside me….. mmm.

    The spanking over, the parachute and gag were removed and I was instructed to lie on my back on the bench. My chest and arms were strapped down and then my legs spread wide and tied to a wooden bar that was then hoisted up high towards the ceiling, making my cock, balls and arse very exposed.

    Mistress, thankfully, was not going to play with my nipples (there were some ominous looking clamps hanging from the ceiling!).

    Mistress Claudia then said she was going to penetrate my cock and arse with range of increasingly larger sounds and butt plugs, and she said it in a way that suggested she was going to enjoy it!

    A sniff of poppers, and then, as the rush came, a vibrating, beaded wand was pushed up my arse. Mistress then proceeded to fuck my cock with the smallest sound. There then followed a succession of poppers, bigger sounds and bigger butt plugs, stretching my cock and arse wider and wider, with Mistress constantly reminding me that this was how women on those porn sites felt when they were being fucked.

    Finally (or so I thought) a pretty scary butt plug, and Mistress got out the electric sound. She slipped the sound into my cock and the plug up my arse, the tens machine was turned on and mistress started to ramp up the current, at the same time forcing my virgin arsehole to open wide with the plug. The shocks in my cock got progressively worse and I buried my head in her shoulder to try to cope with the pain, but could not handle it. It felt like my cock was on fire, so I had to beg for mercy. (I was quite relieved her violet wand was broken and therefore would not be used in the session.)

    The current subsided and the plug was withdrawn from my arse. I noted with some apprehension that she had not forced the widest part into me and even then it had been pretty painful.

    Mistress Claudia informed that she had not finished and that the best (in her opinion) was still to come…. She untied me and commanded me to move to the edge of the bench where again I was tied down and my legs were spread wide, bent back and tied high to the posts at the bottom of the bench. This left my arse hanging just over the end of the bench at a perfect height for Mistress to fuck with her strap on. She strapped the straps of the cock around her tight little bottom, and showed me the size of it. It seemed like a good nine inches and I noticed with some apprehension that the girth of the cock head was wider than anything that had been up my bottom during the earlier part of the session.

    Mistress Claudia gave me a sniff of the poppers, positioned herself in front of me, applied some lube to her hand and slowly started to stroke my cock back into hardness. I could feel the head of the strap-on moving up and down my crack. As my cock started to get more aroused Mistress started to push the head of it into my arsehole. I could feel both the pleasure from the stroking of my cock and the stinging in my arsehole as she worked the cock into me… I suddenly realised that this was going to hurt a lot, and no safe word was going to stop her taking my virginity. The pressure on my arsehole suddenly increased and the bulbous head of the strap was pushed firmly past any resistance and deep into me – “fuck me that makes your eyes water!” Mistress then continued to stroke my cock, whilst I adjusted to the feeling of the strap on deep inside me, feeling the pain dull slowly. I could feel the size of the strap on up my arse stretching me out and the gentle soft stroking of her hand on my cock. Very quickly she coaxed a powerful orgasm out of me, spunk shooting over my stomach and chest. Just wonderful…..!

    All in all a great session, particularly good for a first time meeting which can sometimes be a bit tentative. No clock watching, and offered a nice cup of tea before and after.

    Also time to chat with her afterwards which was nice…

    Mistress Claudia is very good at what she does, she’s nice to look at and inventive in approach. It’s a shame she does not do body worship because she has an arse to die for! Still it was nice to see brief glimpses of her decolletage!

    Will I be back? Yes, if she will have me!

  30. Review 30

    A lovely session with an experienced Mistress.

    The bungalow is between Chertsey and Staines. Receptionist had given good instructions, it was very easy to find and there was plenty of parking available. The entrance was at the back so very discreet.

    Mistress is tall and slim with long hair and does look like her photos – you will not be disappointed! I had requested a medical and she was dressed for the part.

    Mistress was very friendly and put me at my ease straight away. We had a nice chat to get to know each other first.

    I had already sent Mistress a short email detailing a scenario based in the white room including many of her listed services including, anal, otk spanking, electrics, poppers, toys and dressing up – all accurately reflected on her website.

    I was greeted by the receptionist and was shown into a waiting room and was given a nice cup of tea and was left watching a dvd for a few minutes while Mistress was preparing herself. She appeared wearing her red PVC nurses uniform and looked stunning. We had a nice chat to get to know each other. Mistress then went through the equipment she was going to use during the session and what effect it would have on me in great detail which was a great start. She introduced additional treatment with sounds which was amazing, although I only managed size 3. The electrics both inside and out were quite an experience and should definitely be tried. She seemed aware of my level of experience intuitively and pushed me beyond my comfort zone with skill (thank you!) I did not need to use the safe word which Mistress had already advised me not to unless really necessary!! Had a nice drink and chat afterwards and she showed me the rest of the premises. She did not watch the clock and at one point threatened to keep me there all day unless I was good. Perhaps next time!! All in all a great time.

  31. Review 31

    I have just come back from a session with Mistress Claudia.

    My arrival was on time although Mistress was running a bit late with her previous session, however I was courteously greeted at the door and offered a drink while waiting. The wait was not long and was well worth it. Others have said it, I can only confirm it: Mistress’s physical presence is so much more beautiful than her pictures.

    I was invited to follow her to the dungeon where Mistress enquired about how I would like the session to go. After this discussion I took time out for a very quick shower. We then went into the dungeon, with Mistress dressed as I had wished during a telephone conversation earlier. Safe words were set, although they were never used. The session then started with my cock and balls being tied tightly. I was then collared and led to the cross to which my waist and legs were secured, my wrists were strapped into a pair of cuffs that were attached to a winch in the roof, the winch then took my arms up to a not uncomfortable stretch position. A blindfold and gag were then strapped in place. Not being able to see does heighten the senses. When all was secure Mistress started on my balls by hanging weights on to a pinprick parachute; a frenum ring was then applied but would not fit over my now erect cock, however Mistress had a novel way with dealing with this problem: electricity. I was subjected to enough to ensure my erection dropped far enough to get the ring to its correct position, six screws were then tightened enough to let me know it was there, after some more teasing and torture the ring was removed and Mistress decided it would be a good idea to see how much electricity my cock could take. Various levels were applied. During the time since I was strapped to the cross, my nipples were also being tortured by a pair of clamps connected by a chain, which were expertly tweaked by Mistress. When the cock, balls and nipple torture were completed to Mistress’s satisfaction I was released from the cross and my blindfold was removed. I was then led to the bench where I was strapped down with two body straps and my wrists were also secured. This was done after my legs were positioned against and outside the uprights of the bench. I wasn’t sure what to expect next. Would it be a different form of cbt? I did not have to wait long for the answer: my anal virginity was to be taken. Mistress took care with the lead up to the actual deflowering by stretching my anus gently with fingers then a stepped anal plug. When the plug had done its work Mistress decided not to use the smallest dildo but the next size up. During Mistress’s deflowering she also wanked me to orgasm. The dildo in my anus and Mistress’s hand bringing me to orgasm were such a mind-blowing experience it is hard to describe all the emotions.

    After the session Mistress asked if I had enjoyed it. The answer being an unconditional yes, I then asked how far we went with the electrical torture. The answer satisfied my enquiry. To find out, you will have to make an appointment and ask.

    Is there anything I would have changed? Nothing. Would I go again? Undoubtedly, the sooner the better.

    I now have a sore cock and nipples to remind me of the wonderful experience.

    I thank you Mistress for such an experience.


  32. Review 32

    The receptionist proved very helpful and patient, given bad cellphone reception and my poor hearing. After providing excellent instructions, she met me at the rear gate to the property and escorted me to the school room to await Mistress Claudia.

    The lady is beautiful, tall and slender, very elegant. In the website pictures, she has a solemn, stern expression; in reality she has a ready smile and great sense of humour. She is gorgeous!

    In the initial consultation, I nervously explained I wished to be dressed as a TV slut. Mistress proceeded to show off a large range of different size dildos, also a selection of tawses, for sluts’ bottoms. I was then left to get undressed (and more nervous) as Mistress selected an outfit for me: very high heels, black fishnet stockings (held up by suspenders on a corset), a short PVC dress in black, topped off by a long dark wig.

    Mistress then proceeded to tie up my sissy parts, prior to helping me dress. It proved an exciting experience. In the dim lighting of the dungeon, the effect was amazing! Excess weight was disguised and I loved catching sight of myself in the full length mirror.

    After walking practice in the high heels, I was restrained over a bench in a kneeling position for spanking, followed by the tawse and then 10 strokes with a paddle; all made bearable by Mistress casually caressing my bottom between hits! This was followed by more bottom play using fingers and dildoes. I was able to look forward and view proceedings in the large mirror. Wow! I was then tied on my back with bottom to the edge and legs raised so Mistress could take me from the front, seemingly her preferred position!

    I am very grateful to Mistress Claudia for an amazing session and plan to visit again soon.

  33. Review 33

    Discreet house with entrance; easy enough directions. The house has work being done but the dungeon is properly equipped with all the usual suspects. Parking is ok, there is a private entrance and the receptionist met me at the door.

    Mistress is tall in 6″ heels and was dressed as in her photos. It suits her. The website is more than accurate.

    After a good chat it became obvious to Mistress that I was (nearly) a normal person, so we both relaxed and talked longer. She was in no hurry but over the long session I had and the discussion afterwards I feel that there is a great deal more to know about this attractive lady.

    Services included were CBT, flogging (progressive), bondage, anal education, poppers.

    I was told to strip down and pose as a tart with a few bits of clothing. Pictures were taken, nipple clamps applied which stayed on for tooooooooo long, progressive flogging with CBT, well done and proportionate. I had a long session on the bondage bench – very high spec. immobile, although the cuffs did come a bit loose. As a first session, but not the last, this was more than satisfactory. Mistakes were made but put right, and with a bit of patience and application this will become the release I need on a regular basis.

    The possibility to go further was explained both during the session and after. Film being taken of me was seriously discussed and is a probability.

    The Mistress is developing extra facilities and these have some dedicated new equipment items which I saw, and may experience.

    She did enjoy herself and the session overran by a long time. There is certainly room for development on my side and a desire to do so. Next time I will be completely shaved and turned into someone else.

  34. Review 34

    10 June 2010

    I have been seeing Mistresses for over 10 years and this ranks up there as one of the best sessions ever.

    Easy to find location with parking. The facilities are as described on the website.

    The session included anal play, sensory deprivation, enforced depilation, needles, electrics and a truly wonderful ending which I was forced to watch as my body was dealt with by a scalpel.

    Thank you.

  35. Review 35

    I am 49 years old and widely experienced, having seen Mistresses all over the UK and Europe, although out of practice for some time.

    Yesterday I summoned up the courage to go and see Mistress Claudia and blurted out my fantasy. I wanted some CP and described experiences of years ago including a 100 stroke caning which I felt was excessive. I told her that I wanted to receive some anal play. Big gulps.

    She is bright and witty and beautiful. To view her presence and to see in close proximity the rubber skirt and stockings with a tantalising glimpse of what might lie beneath steeled my senses for what might occur. In essence though, I expected her to deal with me and get rid of me!

    That was not the case. We must have chatted for fifteen to twenty minutes before the session started and then she put some nipple clamps on to me and fastened me over her bench, having agreed safe words. I think though that her experience knew I would avoid with all my energy using a safe word. Her experience shows through.

    So over that bench. Hands into cuffs at the top end of the bench and fastened. Ankles into cuffs at the bottom end. Heavy leather strap around my midriff. My ample midriff. I am overweight by some but Mistress had the kit to deal with it, including a collar.

    “Now boy,” she informed me, “time to warm you up” and the floggers started from lightweight through to heavyweight. Short breaks during changeovers whilst she described in detail what would follow. The canes awaited outside the door. The hand spanking and flogging certainly warmed me up and I bleated.

    After a thorough warming up she returned with a collection of canes ranging from thin and whippy to school canes and the dragon cane.

    She leant down to my face so that I could look in her eyes as I sweated profusely. She told me that she planned to match the 100 strokes I had moaned about. I looked past her gaze and steeled my thoughts on what was behind the short rubber skirt between the stockings and at the top of her thighs. I would do anything for her. Anything, I pleaded.

    I need not try too hard, she said – just wait. Off she went for cane number one. Thin and whippy. Ten strokes each side. I felt them and moaned. A chat and telling me how people took many more strokes and how she would finish with ten with the dragon cane. She cleaned each cane methodically after use giving my poor bottom a brief respite. Then another cane and ten strokes each side.

    After 50 strokes my moaning was interfering with her efforts so off she went to get a gag. Gag one was too small for my head but gag two just the job. She returned to the matter in hand much to my dismay but again I was buoyed by a brief glimpse of the area around the top of the stockings. She continued to cane me. At last 80 strokes were over and she had taken her time and been wonderful to be disciplined by.

    She then informed me that ten would be with a thicker cane and then ten with the dragon which she explained would leave me deeply bruised. Ouch. I could have cried as she applied the necessary treatment. The dragon was hell but the final ten over I assumed the session was done and would have no complaints.

    She left the room and I had a few moments to consider events. Then she returned with some anal toys and two strap ons. Anal toy one was applied after her fingers to loosen me up. It buzzed incessantly. I had no choice but to take it. Then those rubber clad thighs in front of my face whilst she fitted strap on one. Time to make me receive what my ex girlfriend had let me do to her one night. Ohhh. I know what it feels like now. She was gentle and got thrusting away warning me that she also had chastity devices and that perhaps what I needed was enforced chastity and a good regular caning with strap on treatment.

    She truly exhausted me over the bench as I whimpered but grew to take what she had wanted me to take. Finally she withdrew and cleaned the dildo. Then she prepared the second large dildo and freed me from the bench. Time for you to go onto the sling she said.

    I am six foot tall and weigh the best part of eighteen stone. She removed the rope she had tied round my cock and balls at the start of the session. She then lowered the sling and had me lie onto it, then cuffed my hands to prevent my interference. Then she adjusted the sling carefully so that she would be able to bang away into me at her ideal height until she was satisfied. In she went and it was tight for me and painful but she worked steadily to a crescendo and then banged away warning me not to come unless I asked for permission. She manipulated me with baby oil as she kept hammering away into me.

    Eventually I asked for permission to come. She warned me that perhaps I would need a CB3000 chastity device and to be prevented from playing with myself in future. She warned me of the canings I would undergo at other times and how I would ultimately take her ten inch strap on. Then blessed release.

    I had orange juice before the session and a drink and time to chat to her after the session.

    I have visited a lot of amateurs and professionals over thirty years’ experience. Ranging from London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, Holland, Germany and elsewhere. Mistress Claudia is without doubt at the very top if not the best.

    I hope to be or service to her again soon. I dread to think what is coming or what may not be coming if she is displeased. A true and wonderful talent with a voice, demeanour and figure to match.

    She may edit this as it is too long. I hope that the story about the 600 or 1000 stroke leaving present is true and to endear myself to her.

    Be a good girl. I’ll do anything for you.


  36. Review 36

    When i arrived in the car park at the back of the house i was shown to a dungeon and told to wait for Mistress Claudia. After a short wait Mistress entered, looking absolutely stunning. She is far more beautiful than the glorious pictures on Her site. One myth disproved: ‘the camera never lies’. She then showed me the large dungeon, the white room and the school room. W/we sat, had a cup of coffee, chatted for a while to establish limits and i was given safe words. i was then taken back to the small dungeon, told to strip and Mistress said “I’ll be back soon”.

    When Mistress returned She told me to stand against the cross. She then tied my cock and balls up tight, very tight and attached a spiked parachute to my balls. She then tied me to the St Andrews cross. All the time Mistress kept taunting me while hanging more and more weights to amuse Herself and to add to my discomfort but of course not forgetting my nipples. By the time i finally knew i could take no more Mistress had read my body language and so released me from the cross, led me to a bench and strapped me down tight. Then Mistress connected various points to an electrics box (Erostek 312 ), all the time teasing and taunting me. She started turning the power up, smiling and laughing. When i had reached beyond what i felt was my limit and begged for mercy again and again Mistress leant over me and told me She had hurt my balls and was now going to fuck with my mind. She used poppers and nitrous oxide, AKA laughing gas (and at no time did i laugh), but once it had taken effect i was begging Mistress Claudia to hurt me more as i wanted to suffer for this Goddess. i could feel Her breath on my neck as She whispered in my ear what She was about to do and laughed as i twitched against the straps.

    i have never been to sub space before but can only imagine this was it as i just wanted to be made to suffer and Mistress to hurt me more and more.

    Mistress Claudia is no clock watcher. i had booked one hour and after one and a half hours of pure pain, teasing and taunting i was allowed to orgasm. Mistress Claudia is the most beautiful and erotic Domme i have ever met and in nearly thirty years of playing Mistress Claudia is by far the best Pro Domme i have ever sessioned with. When you enter Her Dungeon She gets inside your mind and pulls all sorts of strings. Be very careful what you ask for as you might just get it, in spades.


  37. Review 37

    I have been intrigued by Mistress Claudia for several years, but until last week had never approached her for a session, mainly because at the time I was in a longstanding professional relationship with another domme. But circumstances have changed, and I grabbed the opportunity to session with her. Definitely a good idea!

    This review is based on two sessions, one last week and one this week. I had not intended to book a second session so soon after the first one, but like all true addicts was unable to resist the temptation.

    Mistress Claudia is intelligent, lively, and easy to talk to, and I was immediately put at ease (perhaps too much so, but I will come on to that later).

    The first session proceeded as follows. I was hooded throughout the session, chained tightly to the whipping bench, and caned. Minor bleeding, but not too much damage, as I had requested. Then transferred to the cross, restrained again, weighted nipple clamps and a whole variety of clamps at different levels of severity for cock and balls applied. Then, into another dungeon, and strapped down very tightly to a bondage bench. Electric suction pumps were applied to my nipples (a new experience for me), and electrics to my cock and balls using the Erostek box. Sadly to say, I was so enjoying the session with Mistress Claudia that I disgraced myself and came to orgasm before it was permitted. Nevertheless, we had a good post-session chat (where I said the pain level was perfect for a first session) and I left saying that I would definitely see her again, but not for a while.

    Being a weak-willed male, next day I woke up and wanted to session with her as soon as possible. So I arranged another session (nothing wrong with that), but here I made a mistake. Full of bravado and quite confident that I could cope, I asked her to pump up the pain level.

    Next session. Hooded, restrained, nipple clamps applied. Then over the whipping bench such that I had to rest my weight on the nipple clamps, which pressed painfully into me. This time, bastinado. 10 stokes with the crop to the left foot, and 10 strokes to the right. This is painful, as anyone with experience will know. I was whimpering with pain, and thought we had finished and looked forward to being released. But, we were not half way through! Out came a cane, and another 10 strokes to each foot, making 40 pain events in total, each one of which hurt (I think she took pity on me a little for the last few cane strokes as she could see my distress).

    Then I was taken to the bondage bench, and this is where it got serious. I was strapped down tightly again, and the Erostek box attached to my cock and balls. Then Mistress Claudia pushed four needles into my nipples, attached electrodes to each end of the needles, and then to a different electric box (I don’t know which one but Mistress Claudia assured me that it was suitable for use above the waist). I have been pierced before, but not electrified. So I had waves of pain coursing through both cock and nipples. Then Mistress Claudia climbed onto the bondage bench to use her weight to restrain me, and suddenly turned up the electrics. I hardly ever scream in session, even under pain, but this time I did, and repeatedly. Mistress Claudia just laughed, and I knew that she was going to turn the electrics up even more. For the first time in my life I was desperate for the pain to stop, and I cried out the safe word I had been given. Immediately, Mistress Claudia turned off the electrics and I was left just with the pain from the needles still in my nipples, and from my beaten feet.

    I don’t consider myself to be an extreme masochist, but I do think I’m quite a heavy one. This was, for me, serious pain. If I hadn’t used a safe word I’m sure Mistress Claudia would quite happily have tortured me until I submitted. Indeed, what made me use the safe word was not only the pain, but the thought that the level of pain that I was experiencing might only be the beginning.

    Initially, I was a little deflated at using a safe word, but now I want to session with her a third time and see if I can go that much further for her. This is the effect that Mistress Claudia has had on me.

    I’ve seen the term ‘professional sadist’ used before. I use the term as a compliment for Mistress Claudia. She will hurt you, and hurt you again, but all you have to do to make her stop is abandon your male pride and admit she is more powerful than you are.

  38. Review 38

    My Superior Queen of Heaven

    I submit below my review and experience of my transport to the the Gates of Ecstasy and beyond.

    I am a long term cross-dresser, who wished to push the bounds beyond putting ‘frocks on’ to experience the feminine side!  Mistress Claudia will open the ultimate portal to the ‘feminine side’ of yourself’.  She will lead you down the path to ultimate feminine experience. It is not easy to be a woman! Have faith in Mistress Claudia and you will fulfil your ultimate goal to be penetrated and become a genuine sister.  You will earn the right to put on that frock !

    To all TVs, our natural born sisters have had to endure a hard apprenticeship, there is no short cut, but Mistress Claudia will take you through it, but you have to commit, and work hard too, as any woman knows!  Mistress Claudia is very experienced, but surprisingly innately perceptive to your pain tolerance.  If you are a novice or curious about SM there is no better place to enter this paradise of delightful pain.  You wil not be disappointed!

    Her premises are very discreet and her service very confidential. Find your true self with confidence!

  39. Review 39

    Coming soon